UPDATE March 28, 2020: They killed it. COD Garena also stopped working in Vietnam after the latest update.

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UPDATE December 04, 2019: A new way khổng lồ play COD thiết bị di động in Season 2. I’m afraid they could block it soon too. Works on apk in Vietnam. The steps:

1.Download TapTap app.

2.Install and give requested permissions.

3.Launch phầm mềm and search for Call of Duty Garena. It’s available only in several SEA countries, excluding Vietnam, so you need TapTap app to get it, if your region doesn’t match.

4.Install and launch hotline of Duty Garena. It’s a different app, so even if you connected Facebook trương mục to COD mobile before, you will have lớn start progression from scratch.

Does it work for you? I don’t think this would be a good solution for Belgium players, as Garena servers are situated in Southeast Asia.

UPDATE November 25, 2019: Unfortunately this solution doesn’t work anymore in Vietnam after Season 2 update with zombies. I’m devastated =(

Call of Duty Mobile is a great game and the most important release on di động in 2019 with 100M downloads in the 1st week. Everyone is having fun playing the game, except people in Belgium, đài loan trung quốc (including Hong Kong) và Vietnam due lớn special regulations in these countries. To launch the trò chơi in these territories Activision needs lớn attain gambling license for loot boxes in Belgium, store users’ data on servers in Vietnam, & get publishing license in China. That would take time & involve local partners lượt thích Tencent và Garena.

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I live in Vietnam và it’s unfortunate lớn be cut off from the global gaming community. But there is a quick solution for this situation — an automated VPN tiện ích UU Booster. It works for me in Vietnam (tested on Android), works in Hong Kong, and probably should work in Belgium too. Not sure about mainland China, as the tiện ích is developed by Chinese games giant NetEase.

So, here is how to lớn launch Call of Duty Mobile in Vietnam (and probably in Belgium):

Install the trò chơi from phầm mềm Store/Google Play.Launch UU Booster & find via tìm kiếm Call of Duty Mobile. There are different servers. Launch Canadian or Australian — they are free. International server requires subscription for the app.

The game launches. Login via Facebook lớn save profile và enjoy the game. I don’t feel any substantial lag & happy to play COD Mobile with the whole world.

BTW I think you can also play this way Clash of ClansClash Royale, which were pulled from Vietnamese phầm mềm stores.

If you are in Belgium, please try the app & share the results in comments.

Thanks to lớn Gbayyy1 for advising the app.

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